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Dodge Drivers Test at Talladega

Steve Park, driver of the No. 62 Orleans Racing Dodge along with Deborah Renshaw in the No. 8 BHR2 Dodge and Chase Montgomery in the No. 18 Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge weighed in on testing at Talladega Superspeedway this week.

Steve Park, No. 62 Orleans Racing Dodge
TSS Career starts: 10 (1 NASCAR Busch Series, 9 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series)
Best TSS Finish: 2 Best TSS Start: 9

On Testing at Talladega: "It's a great place to test superspeedway stuff in preparations for Daytona. Yesterday we did a lot of stuff by ourselves just to get the truck shook down and then we did some drafting practice quite a bit late in the day. That's fun. The trucks are a little bit different from the cars because it's an impound race, so we have to qualify with the setup that we race with. So, we have to make sure we can get the speed out of the truck that we need, and then we'll want it to draft to make sure the truck drives good. Because come Daytona, once we qualify we impound and go straight to the race. Every race in the truck series this year is going to be an impound race. Last year it was kind of new to me doing that, but I found out that I really liked it. It's just easier. "

On His Impression of Talladega Over the Years: "Restrictor plate racing is not only exciting for fans to watch cars three- and four-wide and forty cars deep for three hours, it's also exciting for a race car driver. I know that some of the first races that I had here in Talladega I ended the races with my hands and eyeballs hurting from concentrating so much and gripping so tight on the wheel for so long. The competition and the concentration just never lets up at Talladega. The fans come and buy seats but they don't use them much because they stand the whole time."

from TruckSeries.com
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