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Gaughan Praises Park

by Colleen Marie Lynch

Over the season Brendan Gaughan has watched Steve Park race for his Orleans truck team, and Gaughan only had good things to say about Park."

"Steve Park had a heck of a run to end the year -- from 29th in points ... to ninth and still couldn't catch a break all year," Gaughan said. "You give Steve Park one break and we're going to be awesome. I'm going to come back home next year and run a bunch with him."

Gaughan is also looking forward to being a teammate to Steve in some truck races next season.

"Steve is still the driver; I'm just going to come and run for fun. We've got a lot of trucks built and maybe we'll buy a couple of new ones. As much as I can afford to run I'm going to go out there and play because those guys are still my family, they're the most important thing to me. I'm going to go out there and see if we can't win a few (races)."
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