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Steve Park Post-Race Quotes - Phoenix

Source: Orleans Racing
Kimberly Meesters
Date: 11/5/2004

PHOENIX, Nov. 5, 2004 – Steve Park started fourth and finished sixth in the Chevy Silverado 150 at Phoenix International Raceway Nov. 5. He is 10th in the point standings with two races remaining. He is 450 points behind leader Bobby Hamilton and two points out of ninth.

STEVE PARK: “It was just tough. There were a lot of guys up front that cut tires down. There might have been debris on the racetrack from all the wrecks and stuff. I'm not really sure. The Orleans Dodge, we started off with a fairly loose truck. The guys did a good job getting it tuned in. We pitted for two tires to get track position right there at the end. The right-front tire looked like the inside edge was wearing pretty good. I think that might be why you saw the No. 1 Dodge blow a tire and stuff. We decided to put on a set of tires that we put on for about 15-20 and took off and then put back on a second time, instead of risking maybe blowing a right-front tire. It was just a good day. It's a great racetrack. I love it here.”
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