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SteveParkRules.com Race Report - Stafford Springs

by Colleen Marie Lynch

Steve Park spent the first days in October remembering his New England racing days. At Stafford Motorspeedway in Conneticut, he talked about how he remembered sitting on the grass as a child and watching his father race there.

Before the race started, Steve gave the command for the drivers to start their engines. The team was looking forward to moving up through the field from the 18th qualifying position.

On lap 9, the entire field bottled up in front of Steve, but using his experience he was able to avoid most of the spinning cars around him. One driver did clip him in the rear, but there was no damage.

Steve was moving up through the field after that but was really loose, especially in turn 3. He continued to move up but was blocked by the 29 who was slow. He managed to get by him after a few laps.

Many of the leaders pit under caution, but Steve could hold on to the loose car, so they decided to stay out and get the tires later. Even with the cars behind him on newer tires, Steve still held onto the 6th spot and was going strong. They planned to pit under the next caution and Steve would be faster and have newer tires than the others.

But before the race was even half way, Steve felt something wrong with the car. They asked if it was a tire. He said it felt like something broke. They brought him into the pits and found out he had a broken balljoint. They decided it would take too long to fix and it wasn't worth it, so Steve was done for the day. Steve's return to modifieds was cut far too short.

click here for pictures from the race
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