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Steve Park Qualifying Quotes - Vegas

ďIt just throws a curveball at you. Thereís a guy thatís going to be able tune for the best qualifying conditions and is also good for the race because they impound the trucks. Iím thinking you wonít see the guy that wins qualifying also win the race. Itís going to be very difficult to be able do that. Thereís going to be a guy whoís going to adjust really well for the track tonight during the pit stops, and heíll have the biggest advantage.

ďI said last week when I was trying to get the pole that I was going to take my guys to Las Vegas next week, and Iím like, ĎOh, well, I guess they already live there.í But, itís cool. We all like racing out here. Itís a great racetrack. Itís a home track advantage for the guys, and itís close to home. Theyíve made comments like, ĎItís nice to sleep in our own beds for once.í So, thatís pretty cool.Ē
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