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Steve Park Post Race Report - Richmond

An 18th place finish wasnít exactly what Steve Park was looking for at Richmond International Raceway, but at least he can say that he got everything he could with the hand he was dealt.

Park had his hands full with an ill-handling truck for most of the 200-lap race that saw him scored as low as 28th and running one lap behind the leaders with less than 50 laps to go.

Park had his first indication that he was in for a long night when a vibration developed in his No. 62 Dodge with just 50 laps in the books. At the halfway point of the race, he found himself in a three-wide situation that shoved him out of the preferred groove and that was when he really started to lose ground to the leaders.

It would have been easy for Park to give up at that point and ride around in the back of the pack but thatís not at all the hard charging driverís style. Instead he hunkered down and did his best to salvage what he could out of the night.

A rash of late race cautions allowed the New York native to get back on the lead lap and from there he was able to rally back to an 18th place finish.
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