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Dover Trackside Steve Quotes

Steve Park, driver, No. 62 Dodge 06-04-2004 7:21 pm
"We just dialed ourselves out. We had a good truck in the beginning. I thought we had something for these guys. We got messed up in the pits, and we made some adjustments that weren't what we needed. We pitted and got trapped a couple of laps down and I don't know in the hell that happened. It started looking like a bright spot buit if we run like that in the race down there we're going to be in bad shape."

Steve Park, driver, No. 99 Ford 06-03-2004 4:25 pm
"This is the best run we have had in qualifying all season. We have really struggled, but the guys at Orleans Racing have worked hard to give us a good truck. They call this place the Monster for a reason. You have to get used to this place, and get settled in the seat. Once you get settled in, they you can start tuning on the truck. The people that have raced here before definitely have the advantage. You have to race the race track. Once you get comfortable and start racing the competitors, you get bit. I learned from the best, Dale Earnhardt, and he told me 'I don't ever want to see you racing another car, race the racetrack!'"

Steve Park, driver, No. 62 Dodge 06-03-2004 1:20 pm
"This is the same truck we ran at Charlotte. It wasn't beat up as bad as some of the guys there tried to make it, so we brought it back here. It is pretty solid so far. This is definitely the best we have been off the trailer so far this season. We really want to wok hard on qualifying up front. We think we have a shot at the pole, but we'd be happy if we can get up into the top-5. Qualifying has definitely been our weakness so far this season. We're happy with the speed that we have out of it so far, now we will work on race trim and see how we do in qualifying."

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