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Steve Answers Your Questions, Part 3

What was the determining factor that kept you from winning this past weekend, at Lowe's, pit strategy or truck?

The truck. I really felt that we had a top 5 truck, however,we needed more, aero and horsepower wise. Finishing in the top 5 has put us in the position to build from and shoot for some more trips to victory lane.

Do you and Brendan exchange set ups or other information to help each other out? And do you think bringing "Rambo" on board will contribute to to further success this year?

Yes, we share information. We try to act as one team, we share all of our information and use both sets to evaluate and come up with what will help each team. Adding "Rambo" to the 77 team is great, I think he will provide the direction that they need and it will be a good development for the 77 and 62 in the future.

What did you think of the new surface at Lowe's after you got some laps and rubber on it? It seemed like it was really hard to pass on the bottom and a lot of the spins were caused by people getting loose trying it. Do you think that was a result of the new surface, the higher speeds or something else?

The new surface made for a faster track, but it also made the trucks unstable aero wise. With the speed and difference in aero balances it made it difficult to run side by side. It was basically the same old difficult Charlotte with more speed.

I would like to know if you are planning on coming to Thompson Speedway in CT any time soon? Are you planning on being in this area anytime soon doing autograph sessions again?

Right now there are no plans to come to the Thompson Speedway, but I do like to come up to the area. I have friends there, I play golf and just hang out.

Based on the number of poles won in 2004 and 2005, to date the CTS Dodge Ram doesn't seem to qualify as well as the Chevy and the Toyota. Is there a specific issue with the profile of the Dodge that causes it to race better than it qualifies?

Yes, Dodges are known for having more aero down force, which in turn limits top speed. This makes them better race trucks than qualifiers. But our main objective is to race well and win races, sometimes qualifying good and staying out of the wrecks helps and we would really like to improve on our season best qualifying position of 18th.

If the day ever comes that you quit racing, would you ever consider owning a Truck, Busch, or Nextel Team? And who would you want to drive?

I would like to stay in the sport as an owner or a consultant. I feel like I have a few good years left. As time goes by, I would have to look at what opportunities are available.
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