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Steve's post-race quotes

Steve Park #62 Dodge 05-16-2004 - 5:42 pm ET "The Orleans Dodge was a great truck. We played our cards right and pitted early. We were coming back through there and just saving our tires. We knew guys would run out of tires and have to pit. I can't get a break. The guys work really hard to give us good race trucks, and we keep getting involved in stuff on the racetrack. I'm just glad to be in Ohio. We have a lot of great race fans. You can tell by the crowd that Ohio needs a place to race. The Craftsman Truck Series is here to stay. We will be back. I think guys were just racing too hard. The lapped cars line up on the inside. This place is tough to pass on the outside. I want to compliment the Orleans Racing team. They did a great job. I have to thank two Ohio-based companies, Wyler Dodge and Roeder Harley-Davidson, for their support all year long. We will be back. We are going to race again in Ohio. We love coming here. It is a great racetrack."
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