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Steve Answers Your Questions, Part 3

Does Harley have a favorite track or place to visit while you are on the road?

Harley's favorite track is any one that he gets to go to, he loves going to the track no matter where it is. When he isn't able to travel with me, he stays with "Grandma & Grandpa".

Do you think that you'll ever go back into the announcers' booth?

It is a possibility, I do enjoy announcing. I haven't had many opportunities in the Craftsman Truck Series to announce for other series. We will have to see what the future holds.

What made you decide to move from Mooresville, NC to Daytona Beach, FL?

The weather is defiantly nicer in the winter in Florida. I just enjoy the atmosphere and not being far away from Daytona Speedway. I found myself spending more time down there year after year. When the season winds down it is a great climate and a great place to be for the down time that I have.

After a frustrating day, is it hard to go home not knowing exactly what the problem was? Have you ever had a time when the team couldn't find an answer for the problem?

Recently, in Martinsville we had a good truck on Friday. No one knew where it went on Saturday. Once the truck reached the shop they found numerous things that led to our problems on Saturday during the race.

Usually we exhaust all efforts to find what went wrong and 99% of the time we find the culprit.

Do you think not having any practice time on the track Saturday adversely affected your truck's setup, since the weather was considerably different during the race than it was during Friday's practice and qualifying sessions?

Yes, and we failed to tune to the changing track conditions. Which led to our poor track performance on Saturday.

At Martinsville your truck ran well in the practice and qualifying sessions, but on race day it wasn't very competitive. What causes this kind of situation to occur and what can a crew chief do to fix the truck, if anything, during a race?

The cause is the extreme change in the weather. The crew chief can be aware of changing conditions and be able to make the appropriate changes as needed. We failed as a team to do that and we need to work on that aspect.

What is your opinion on NASCAR expanding into Mexico and Canada? Any preference to Montreal or Southern Ontario? Which would you prefer, a road course or an oval?

I think that we have plenty of venues here in the US that we can race at. However, I am partial towards southern Ontario, since I have done some motorcycling there. I would like to see a road course added to the CTS schedule.


Thank you for submitting your questions! Next week will be answering some of the questions that we received in previous weeks, since we received so many great questions.
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