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Steve Answers Your Questions, Part 1

WOW! We received a tremendous response to our "ASK STEVE" this week! Thank You!

I was wondering if you named the winning truck from Fontana, and if you did what did you name it?

No, we haven't really named it yet. We may even have the fans send in some suggestions. If we did name it, my suggestion would be Cali.

I was wondering if you and the Orleans Racing team might move to the BGN series together next year?

We don't have any plans for BGN right now. This year we are concentrating on getting Brendan's team running and up to speed and getting the Orleans Dodge into Victory Lane a few more times.

As far as the engines go, they are built in Las Vegas. They are working on getting the engines to where we need them and getting the problems worked out.

How long do drivers hold grudges aganist each other for incidents on the track? How hard is it or how do you keep your emotions in check and keep your focus after an incident on the track with another driver or something goes wrong during a pit stop or you get penalized by NASCAR?

Drivers don't hold grudges, whatever happens in one race, needs to be over by the next week. It is hard to contain your emotions in the heat of battle, especially if a decision or a mistake costs you and your team valuable positions.

What would you say would be your most memorable career NASCAR moment?

I would have to say winning at Watkins Glen. With it being our first win, in my homestate of New York and also that Dale was there to enjoy it with the team and me.

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