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Steve Park Post-Race Q&A - Atlanta

What happened in Atlanta?
Unfortunately, we broke a cam shaft, which is a vital part of making the engine run. Obviously, putting us out for the night. That is something that we will need to look at and address for the upcoming races.

Do you believe that having all three divisions in Atlanta was a hindrance in preparing for the race? Did the temperature drop have any effect on the engine problem?
No, I don't think running all three series was an issue in preparing for the race, or that it was an issue in the engine problem. The engine tuners tune for night races and they are prepared for that situation. I personally like doing everything in one night.

How would you say your team prepared during the off season to make you more competitive this year?
We gave away a lot of wins last year. Over the winter we discussed the problems and the things that we needed to make changes on. We worked on our pit stops, pit strategies, etc. If we can make some improvements with the engine program, I think that we could win a few more races this year.

Is there a difference in the size of the driver's green house between Trucks, Busch and Cup?
The roll bar is in the same spot as in WC as it is in the CTS. It seems like it is smaller since the bed of the truck is up against the back window. The space is actually bigger, because the roof is higher, that is why it appears that the drivers sit down lower.

If the opportunity were to arise, and you were approached to drive another Busch car or even another Cup car, would you consider doing so again?
The opportunities in Cup and Busch seem to be leaning towards the 19 year old drivers, and I don't fit that bill. However, if the right team came along with an opportunity to win and be competitive, it might be a possibility. Although for right now, I am really happy in the Truck series, I enjoy the competitiveness, the schedule and the team that I'm with.

Is there some reason that NASCAR cars and trucks do not have speedometers?
There is really no difference between looking at an RPM or Speedometer gauge, it is basically all the same.

Since there's a three week break until the race at Martinsville, what will you be doing during the break?
After the race in Atlanta, I came back to North Carolina. I had to get into the office and answer the post race questions, and get caught up on my fan mail! :) After testing at Martinsville at the end of this week, I am going to try to ride my motorcycle with Harley and fit in a game of golf.

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