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Steve Park Pre-Race Report - Atlanta

Notes of Interest:

After a week off the #62 Orleans Racing team arrives at Atlanta Motor Speedway as the most recent winners of a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event. The victory energized the team and they look to keep a strong roll going this weekend.

Park will roll the familiar colors of the #62 Orleans Dodge at Atlanta after a one week break, where Jasper Engines and Transmissions colors replaced the regular white and blue scheme of the Orleans Hotel and Casio at the Fontana, CA event.

The team will roll the Orleans Racing T2 Dodge Ram at Atlanta – which is the truck that took the victory at Fontana two-weeks ago.

Park On Atlanta:

IS ATLANTA A FUN PLACE TO RACE? -- “Atlanta, since they reconfigured it, is probably one of the fastest speedways we go to. Last year I absolutely loved it. The speed separates the field a little bit and puts on some good racing. So we’re excited about going there.”

TALK ABOUT THE WHIRLWIND WEEK YOU’VE HAD WORKING WITH THE MEDIA AND JUGGLING A VACATION SINCE YOUR WIN AT FONTANA – “I had that trip after the California race planned for months and with the win, though we’re happy to get it, it threw in a little curveball with having to do all the media telephone interviews on the road while on the motorcycle. So there was a lot of cell phone time and a lot of pay phone time. It made for a very interesting trip to get that all day and also get across the state of California to San Francisco.”

ARE YOU READY TO GET BACK IN THE TRUCK AGAIN? – “Yeah, it was nice that with that time off that we had a win. It makes that time much more fun, being able to enjoy the win. I’m used to racing. I’m looking forward to getting back to racing and getting back on the road again and not having so much time off in between.”

Crew Chief, Charlie Wilson on Atlanta:

DOES HORSEPOWER FIGURE BIG INTO THE EQUATION AT ATLANTA? – “Yes it does. You’ve definitely got to have something that will run down the straightaway. It’s pretty much wide open there all the way around the track. So you’ve got to have a good motor.”

ABOUT THE RULES CHANGES NASCAR INSTITUTED FOR THE TRUCKS BEGINNING AT ATLANTA – “The rocker shirt is one of the changes that they made and they also went to a cowl flap that’s 4” x 15”. That’s going to keep the trucks from getting up in the air. The rocker skirts are going to keep the trucks from getting airborne hopefully. I think it’s good. I think it’s going to make the trucks better.”

WILL STEVE FIND ADDITIONAL STABILITY, WITH THE ROCKER SKIRT IN PARTICULAR? – “Yeah, I think so. I think he will. It’s something that we wanted to run last year and NASCAR wouldn’t let us, because it wasn’t in the rulebook last year. This year it is and I think it’s going to be better for everybody.

Meet the Crew:

Name Hometown Shop Duty Race Day Duty
Charlie Wilson Bakersfield, CA Crew Chief Crew Chief
Clint Jennings Logan, OH Mechanic Rear Tire Carrier
Harley Rauch Fresno, CA Transmission/Gears Front Tire Changer
Danny Stockman Yucaipa, CA Truck Chief Front Tire Carrier
Gary Brannon Buttonwillow, CA Mechanic Catch Can
Bill Caldwell Culver City, CA Truck Driver Fuel Man
Joel Cox Seattle, WA Fabricator Jack Man
Lance Wilson Bakersfield, CA Front Suspension Rear Tire Changer
Randy Snyder Buena Park, CA Truck Driver Chef
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