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EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200 - Post-race Quotes


STEVE PARK (Driver, No. 62 Orleans Dodge): “We worked from 27th to a top five and then had to go to the back again when we got the penalty for a crew member being over the wall too early. That was a shame. I think we must have passed the most trucks all day. The Orleans Dodge was handling well. We had a great truck all day. We got run into by the 12 truck there at the end. I guess we put ourselves in a position to get wrecked. I saw Skinner get sideways on the backstretch toward the end. These guys race hard. It was a green-white-checkered finish. These guys are racing for the win, and that is what makes NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series racing so entertaining for the fans. They stand on their feet in the stands the last five laps just like we do in the trucks.” (About accidents): “My thoughts and prayers are with the drivers who were transported today. I’ve not heard the report on their conditions, but we are thinking about them.”

JOHNNY ALLEN (Crew Chief, No. 62 Orleans Dodge): “It was a legitimate penalty. The jackman slipped and was over the wall too early. It was a deal that cost us pretty big. There at the end the 12 truck got out of shape and hit the wall. Then he came down and collected us. It is just hard racing. You hate to see it happen. If we hadn’t had the penalty, we probably wouldn’t have been in that position. We would probably have been further up to the front. We had a good run. We’ve got potential. We just need to get it all together in one place. We ran strong in both of the races we’ve been in; we just haven’t been able to get the package together. We need a little bit of luck. Time is important when you have a new driver and crew chief, but we had a head start because Orleans Racing had a good core base. We built on that. Steve is an easy driver to work with. He gives good input. Once we get into the races, we have moved in the direction he wants to go, and it hasn’t backfired. He knows the feel he wants, and so far we’ve been lucky enough to hit it right.”

GEORGE LAYNE (Fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, honorary crew member): “This was my first time in the pits. I had a blast. Everyone showed us respect, and we have respect for everything these guys do. It was great to get to see the behind-the-scenes action.”

BRIAN FINNERAN (Wide Receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, honorary crew member): “This was fantastic. Thank you to the Orleans Racing team for having me here. We had a great vantage point from on top of the pit box. Everyone was really nice. That first time when the trucks came around Turn 4 it was just awesome. I am a race fan now, very much so.”

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