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Steve Park Qualifying Quotes - Daytona

“Usually you don’t have a lot of friends here on these superspeedways, but Brendan’s a guy that you’d hope you can rely on. We’ll try to push each other the front at some point. If we finish one-two, it doesn’t really matter what order it is, as long as we’re in front.

“The only good thing is this is the truck that we tested in down here, and really did all of our practice for the two or three days that we tested. So, it’s not like we went to an unproven race truck. But, we just know that after the test that we needed to go back and come back with a better truck, which we did, but unfortunately, it got torn up in practice. We know that the truck we have here is not the best. The best that we had is the one that we got in trouble with yesterday. Now we’ll rely on the backup truck, and the backup truck for the Orleans Dodge team is actually not too bad. It’s driving good, but we’ll see how it is tomorrow night. It drafted good in testing. So, we’re pretty optimistic it’ll be a truck that drives good tomorrow night.”
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