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Steve Park Pre-Race Quotes - Daytona

ďItís just ignorance. I donít know. Iíve been racing here a long time, and weíre out there just getting drafting practice. Thereís a couple guys I didnít want to draft with, and I obviously chose the wrong person to draft with again. Itís just ignorance. The Orleans Dodge Ram is torn up. Iím pretty disappointed. Weíve got a good Dodge Ram, and we just canít even get to the race. It just frustrates me, and it makes more work for these guys. Itís an impound race, which is supposed to make guys work a little bit less, but if I walk down pit road youíre going to see people working twice as hard as they did before. I think itís a good rule. Itís just that people need to use their heads out there on the race track. What can I say? Iím just very disappointed"
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