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22nd-place qualifier Steve Park, No. 62 Orleans Dodge

"I've never looked at it as being a rookie. Qualifying here is like old hat. You are out there by yourself. It is pretty uneventful. Once you get out there in the draft, the NASCAR Craftsman Trucks draft so well. They move around a lot. I think that is when experience will play a bigger role. For qualifying we just had to wait our turn and go out there and make the Orleans Dodge the best truck we could make it. Now we are going to move on to the race and know we have a good race truck.

"We need time to jell, but we have a great race team. We have a few new people, who are working well together. It is just a matter of time. We know the truck is going to race well. It is really the lesser of two evils. You either have a truck that qualifies good and doesn't race as good or a truck that qualifies fair and races really good. They don't pay much for qualifying, but they pay a heck of a lot of money for winning the race. We came here to win the race. We didn't really have our goal set on winning the pole. We are going to stick with our game plan and try to put this truck up front of Friday night and try to celebrate in Victory Lane."

from Daytona International Speedway News

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